Pierre Maudet: Did He Order Spying in Australia?

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Pierre Maudet
Ministere Public Pierre Maudet (Geneve)

Did Swiss Aussies Spy in Australia for Swiss Government?

Pierre Maudet is family with an old high school friend Reynold Koehn.

I suspect he twisted the arm of; or deceived my old friend to spy on me.

It's hard to prove because it's all rather circumstantial. After I filed my criminal complaint on 9 counts of human rights abuse (torture) against the Swiss canton of Valais I fled Switzerland to Australia. I had a three month return ticket, and the authorities did not reply, not even to acknowledge receipt of my complaint, until I missed my return flight which was scheduled for the first week of February 2016.

Towards the end of February, some odd things happened. Swiss people I knew in Sydney, who are close to the head of the Geneva Justice Department (Ministere Public) Pierre Maudet starting trying to contact me. I had previously told these people to cease and desist months beforehand in November 2015, due to their proximity to my case. Well, these Swiss people not only contacted me in late February, they also contacted other mutual friends from Killara High School, pretending to be concerned for my welfare and asking if anyone had spoken to me or knew where I was; was I going back to Switzerland? Some even contacted my partner, by email, LinkedIn, every possible way you could imagine. Even a Swiss policeman in Geneva, who therefore has Pierre Maudet as his boss, contacted my partner saying "Hey, how are you? When are you back in Valais next?". All late February after I missed my return flight to Switzerland. That same policeman contacted my partner AGAIN towards the end of 2016, once again just before the Swiss prosecutor Frederic Gisler summoned me.

Now, my case involves the Swiss Canton of Valais, nothing to do with Geneva on the surface. Except, in November 2015, Pierre Maudet signed an agreement with his opposite number in Valais, Oskar Freysinger, for Geneva police officers to be trained in Valais alongside their colleagues from Valais and Vaud. (Read that here in French). If the article is no longer available, click here for a screenshot.

Imagine that days after I filed my complaint, I saw that published in the newspaper. I told my Swiss friends connected to Pierre Maudet to back off, cease any and all contact, because he is pictured shaking hands with the head of the justice department I am suing on NINE COUNTS of human rights abuse. Which means these people actually tortured me.

When I failed to take my return flight to Switzerland, and the Swiss failed to determine if I was coming back, they decided they had to do something, so on March 11 the Swiss dropped the murder charge, and summoned me back to answer unspecified questions about my human rights complaint.

To me it felt like a thinly veiled attempt to entice me back, a lure so they could torture me more in order to force me to retract my complaint by force.

Why do I say this?

Gisler asks Bayenet to violate legal privilege
District Attorney Frederic Gisler asks my lawyer to violate legal privilege

ONE: Gisler tried so hard to find out if I was going to come back and when.

TWO: Prosecutor Frederic Gisler even wrote to my lawyer on 20 June 2016 and asked him to violate legal privilege and inform him if I returned to Switzerland "even temporarily". An extract of his letter with signature appears to the right.

THREE: In that same letter Frederic Gisler for the first time acknowledges that my complaint of November 2015 is so serious that it must be reported to the Attorney General (Nicholas Dubuis).

If that's the case, why didn't he do that upon receipt of my criminal complaint of 2 November 2015?

FOUR: Woah! Hang on. In his letter, he suggests he won't report my complaint to the Attorney General YET; he asks my lawyer to confirm that I am really sure I want to proceed with my complaint.

District Attorney Frederic Gisler waited 4 months for me to return, when I didn't he summoned me, then when I didn't appear, he waited 4 months more to say "this is serious", but stall again and ask "Are you sure?"

FIVE: Attorney General Nicolas Dubuis only contacted my lawyer at the end of 2016, one whole year after I filed suit on NINE COUNTS of human rights violations.

I therefore presumed there was an extremely high probability that Frederic Gisler was waiting for me to return to Switzerland in order to use force to coerce a retraction.

As of 8 June 2018, almost THREE YEARS LATER, no investigation has been undertaken by the Attorney General Nicolas Dubuis. He has only repeatedly summoned me, refused to pose any questions in writing; refused video conferencing, refused an official from the Swiss Embassy in Australia questioning me.

He will only proceed if I return to the torture chamber in Switzerland for a friendly chat.

So, I don't believe for a minute my Swiss friends in Australia spying on me through unwitting mutual Killara High School friends was anything but an act orchestrated by Pierre Maudet, in a deal with his opposite number Oskar Freysinger. Having the Geneva police contact my partner the same week my Swiss friends in Australia contacted her, our mutual friends and myself to determine my whereabouts is just the icing on the cake.

Two weeks later Frederic Gisler dropped the murder charge to lure me back.

Of course, to the Swiss, it's all a big coincidence, accident, unfortunate incident BUT -- now they are tearing my family apart, they have to finish the job -- they have to follow the rule book.


Remember Pierre, the Allies hung the NAZIS at Nuremburg.