Procureur Frederic Gisler LL. D (Fribourg)

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Public Prosecutor (Procureur) Frederic Gisler has a doctorate of law from Fribourg University, ironically he wrote a paper on international police cooperation in the fight against organised crime :

GISLER, Frédéric, La coopération policière internationale de la Suisse en matière de lutte contre la criminalité organisée,
Zurich, Shultess, 2009

So one must assume he knew precisely what he was doing, when instructing both the police AND the coroner to take samples from my penis.

He instructed his sadistic police, and oversaw their acts of inhuman treatment at Martigny police station, while I was denied water, access to a toilet, consular access, and a lawyer for nine hours.

Finally, his henchman Inspector Fabien Fontannaz and another, threatened me with waterboarding if I did not submit to naked photos, including extreme close up photographs of my penis.

I was forced to undergo a traumatic medical exam in an interrogation room at the police station, which was filmed on CCTV and photographed by a police photographer, and the coroner had taken samples under duress from my penis in a room full of people, against my will.

This woman who was sent to take the samples, stated clearly to the police that "there we no marks on my genitals consistent with rough sex, rape, sodomy or otherwise". Frederic Gisler's police simply stated, in that case, they needed close up photographs of my genitalia to prove to the judge that their own theory of a rough sex game strangulation type murder had NOT indeed taken place. It's all rather Kafkaesque.

Frederic Gisler was on the other side of the door while I was threatened with waterboarding and sexually humiliated, under his instructions.

Indeed Procureur Frederic Gisler oversaw my torture and sexual humiliation personally.

That's the kind of people who Swiss police are, and importantly, the kind of people Swiss universities train, or in this particular case, Fribourg University.