Day 50 : Take Care, Visit Elsewhere

Submitted by admin on Fri, 06/17/2016 - 02:35

Day 50, Part 2. Take care, visit elsewhere
I love Europe, I've been travelling around it for almost 20 years.

I've never come across the kind of trouble I have encountered here in Switzerland, in any other country. With so many other beautiful places to visit, and the Swiss Franc being so high, I cannot think of a single reason to come here.

You can ski in Italy and France for a fraction of the price; the food is infinitely better in those places too. In fact what I liked about Switzerland was the perception of law and order; of justice. I felt safe walking down the street, and I was happy along with many others to pay a premium price for that. It would all appear to be a facade.

So when this is all over, come meet me in Paris, or Barcelona, Rome, London, Montpellier, Berlin...but whatever you do don't come here to Switzerland, your trip may turn out to be somewhat longer than you first envisaged!


Day 52, Part 3 : Hi-Tech
I'm going to write more about this another time, but for now, an example of my RaspberryPi. They found one and asked for the password; I'm like "it runs on the type of memory card found in most cameras. no need for the password, just pull the card and read it directly". They didn't like that, and these are the "IT experts" not the regular detectives. You can easily reset the password of any machine with physical access, most people know that. So eventually I gave them the password, but I couldn't help but wonder : were they just shaking the tree to unsettle me, or did they really not know how to access a memory card?


Day 53, Pt. 2 : Not giving back my keys is irregular
So the police searched my house, and after a month, gave the keys to someone else, while keeping it under seal, and without notifying me. When they finally reply to numerous letters, I am told to go fetch my keys, just like a dog. My lawyer doesn't want to push the all powerful too far, but the Embassy have taken an interest in this bizarre twist. Let's see what answers they get, if any.

Day 55, Pt.3 : Necessity, Invention, and Acer laptops
So that comes to 345 FRS in total, (compared to a Macbook Air 11” which costs 900 nicker in any shop you're lucky enough to find one in, sorry couldn't help the movie reference) and you have a machine that boots in ten seconds or so, and launches OpenOffice under Ubuntu 15.04 in less than 3 seconds, incredible in this price range. The best part is that the case is not made of metal so it's light and ultra portable. You can take it anywhere with ease, and the battery easily lasts 5-6 hours. I use it for writing word documents, and browsing the internet, but also for developing and compiling C++. Best of all it cost you next to nothing, so if you break it while on the go, or it gets stolen, you can just go and grab another one.


Day 57 : The Goon Squad
Who remembers the old ABC radio show by that name? I feel like I am trapped in an episode. The cops lifted the seals on my house on the 16th of June. Imagine my surprise when, 22 June - the day I go to collect the keys - they go before me, take the keys from the judge who never should have had them, grab a whole bunch of my property from my house, and take it to my lawyer. Now surely that's break & enter? They had no authority to go into my house. Unbelievable.


Day 60 : What a waste of taxpayer money!
Even if you don't think this could happen to you, just imagine the waste of resources going on here, fitting new locks to my house, ferrying my equipment back and fourth, all this effort to make me "crack and confess" when some simple detective work could have shown pretty comprehensively that I am innocent. Imagine if those wasted resources were actually put to use solving real crimes? Like all the break and enter for example? Why does nobody seem to care about those sorts of crime?