Swiss Friends Are Holograms

Submitted by admin on Thu, 06/16/2016 - 02:20

Swiss Cowards

Here is what a Swiss guy I know said when he heard about my affair: (bleeding heart stuff) :

"Hello Phil, je viens d'apprendre ce qui t'es arrivé ainsi qu'à Patricia et ta fille. J'espère que tu as encore la force pour tourner cette page... Inadmissible dans notre pays soi-disant développé. Quand je pense que tu m'avais hébergé un soir dans ton grenier... Des années avant ce drame. Amitiés à toute la famille. David"

Using Bing Translator it becomes :

"Hello Phil, I just learn what happened are as well as Patricia and your daughter.
I hope you still have the force to turn this page... 
Unacceptable in our so-called developed countries.
When I think that you had hosted me an evening in your attic... Years before this tragedy. 
Regards to all the family. David"

But when I tagged him for support against this gross injustice, he deleted me from Facebook.

WOW. Thanks for your heartfelt support against your evil government who tried to take our baby girl away!

Just because I confronted the interior minister and asked him where his testicles were, and why he wouldn't reply to my lawyer.

The Swiss will never be your friend.

They pay friendship lip service.

They tell you how horrible it all is.

But if you ask them to raise their voice against injustice...they bail on you.

Since I cannot have justice, I call upon the civilised people of the world :