Swiss Sadistic Cruelty

Submitted by admin on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 07:07

All those people in Switzerland who I know
You think it won't happen to you
But remember, if you're unlucky and it does
The Swiss will torture you, rip your life apart and have fun doing it
They'll f*ck you up good and proper
Then take your house, your children;
Contrive legal ways to harass you so, you cannot afford to defend yourself. I had ten active criminal cases before I fled.
How can that be? I've never ever had even one before!
Then they will take everything you have.
That's what the Swiss NAZIS are busy doing to me now
Summoning me, to have cases heard in absentia
To seize my remaining assets; while then decide if they'll pay my legal and medical costs they are legally obliged to.
If I am dead, they won't have anyone to pay;
Just like the NAZIS dispossessed the JEWS
And they will do it legally
And nobody will believe you
And nobody will care about you
And you will watch your child grow up an orphan, from afar
And nobody will care
Because every Swiss person harbours xenophobia and hatred


The Swiss violated art.3 of European convention on human rights, Inc cov.2 art.7&10 a total of 9 times during the first 24h of my detention.

The first THREE lawyers I saw said that was NORMAL!

Their names:

Maitre Johann Fumeaux

State appointed attorney. Fell asleep during my interrogation. Said I had no rights to anything for 48 hrs, no interpreter, no water, no toilet, no consular access. Furthermore said I had to accept forced medical exams, and naked photographs to "cooperate".

Maitre Amadine Francey & Maitre Pierre-Andre Veuthey


Refused to act, left me defenceless, pretended to defend me but made critical errors "accidentally on purpose".

Maitre Philippe Loretan

Spokesman of Valais Chief of Police, Christian Varone who was convicted of theft of artefacts in Turkey. Pretended not to understand a contract for IT services, and so, refused to file my claim for loss of earnings. Lawyer not understanding a contract. Wow.

So don't tell me it was one or two bad cops

It's the whole Canton of Valais who are racist torturers

Now with that in mind it puts the next 12 months of harassment in a different light, because every time they harassed my partner, asked about me, tried to find a new way to talk to me without my lawyer, it was a suggestion they wanted to torture me again.

Equally for child protection. If the police flagrently violate the law, and European Convention on Human Rights, what is a child protection investigation going to look like? A way to abduct our baby so I'm too busy fighting to get her back,  to fight Swiss police. There are other cases of taking foreign children without justification. 

And remember they summoned me back after dropping the murder charge, probably as a ruse to make me think it was safe, so they could violate art.3 again.

Or more likely stage an incident, with 5 cops at the police station, say I tried to grab their gun, and shoot me dead in "self defence".

They stand accused on nine counts of sexual abuse and torture, their lives are over if they get found guilty, so they are probably prepared to do "whatever it takes"