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S Metzeler

Swiss Reaction to My Story

Here is a transcript of the typcal reaction of Swiss people to me story:

a) It never happened
b) If it did happen, I deserved it
c) Swiss police don't accuse people without solid proof
d) I really deserved it because I actually committed murder

It feels a lot like Swiss are trying to justify human rights abuse by their police, prosecutors and judges along with the complicity of lawyers and members of the bureaucracy.

At some point in the future I will return to this exchange, where I openly admit I was being provocative, literally shaking the tree to see what came out, to highlight what I see as Swiss human rights abuse founded in racism and xenophobia.


SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 3, 2018, 10:15:14 PM

I have no idea what supposedly happened to you, but without PROOF of your claims, I don't believe a word. Torture is TOTALLY ILLEGAL, in Switzerland, and if you had actually undergone anything like it, you could very easily have launched a procedure against the police. I have never heard of such a case and I can guarantee that the leftist media would be over it like a swarm of flies over shit. Your partner had every right to ask for the presence of a lawyer, if she was being interrogated in any way. Every illegal immigrant who committed a crime gets one - along with translator. Switzerland is consistently rated at the lowest levels of corruption. By international rating agencies. I have visited over 50 countries, lived and worked in places like Russia, India, New Zealand, all over Europe, the US, Canada, Central and Latin America. I have never found another country where people are as FRIENDLY, HELPFUL and HONEST as in Switzerland! Before the 500'000 refugees from ex-Yugoslavia in the 1990s and the mass immigration from the EU (+ 1 million people over 10 years), Switzerland was the safest place one could imagine. I could leave my suitcase unattended at a train station and go get a coffee and I'd never even worry about it. I worked for 30 years without ever signing a contract with most of my clients, including several multi-nationals, simply based on mutual trust. Contracts were only established when more than one decision-maker was involved and they needed to circulate the terms of the contract internally. So as your claim is totally outlandish, a few questions: - Who are you and what were you doing in Switzerland? - Why were you arrested? Swiss police do NOT arrest people at random. To get arrested, they must suspect you of a fairly serious crime. - Whom do you accuse of "torturing" you? - Did you get medical evidence of torture? - What kind of legal procedure did you launch against the police? - Did you get the media involved? A case of torture would be a spectacular violation of legal process. - Why would your partner accept to be interrogated without a lawyer? Was that ignorance about her rights or was she voluntarily cooperating? Police have to inform everyone who is interrogated about their rights. - There are NGOs that provide assist for victims of crime and government abuse. Did you contact any of them? The ONLY point that seems plausible is an overreach by the child protective services. They are run by people on the far left and are totally un-Swiss in their big-government attitude. Even if everything you said was true, your collective accusation against Switzerland would STILL be totally unwarranted. There is no perfect country on this planet and governments are ALWAYS crappy, but Switzerland is the LEAST BAD of all the governments I have come across, except for Liechtenstein.


SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 3, 2018, 10:23:43 PM

On second reading: "Threats of waterboarding" Seriously, WTF??? This is such BULLSHIT! You are lying from A-Z. If your friend committed suicide, that would be fairly easily established. Apparently, there was serious evidence that you committed murder. The Swiss police have excellent forensic teams. They are among the most respected on the planet - as just confirmed when they denied UK claims about the alleged use of nerve gas and instead identified an agent commonly used by NATO. They do NOT use torture. The claim is ridiculous. Your attempt to accuse Switzerland is pretty transparent. It's so much easier to claim that the Swiss police are "corrupt" than to admit that you might have had something to do with your friend's death. Even if you were innocent, it is obvious that no one who underwent a murder investigation will have been very pleased with the police. But I bet your experience would have been MUCH worse in almost any other country on the planet

 LucidLarrikin @LucidLarrikin May 4, 2018, 9:39:31 AM

I filed a lawsuit in November 2015, you can read the text of my complaint here: http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/forcing-is-swiss-for-torture/torture-cruel-inhuman-degrading-treatment-ECHR-OHCHR-article3

There was no evidence. My third lawyer says so in a letter to the public prosecutor on 22 May 2015 which you can read in full here : http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/sites/default/files/inline-images/20150522-Loretan-gisler-choc-aucun-preuve-dans-dossier-p30.jpg



Now, that lawyer is the spokesman of the chief of Police Christian Varone. He's a top flight, famous guy, Philippe Loretan of Etude du Ritz and he clearly states "I'm shocked that the murder file contains no evidence, not even a suspicion, nothing, are you sure you sent the correct file?"

My partner is a famous journalist who writes for Bilan, Hebdo, Les Temps : prosecutor threatened her if she said a word, and all her journalist friends refused to run the story. BUT Switzerland has lost several human rights cases at ECHR in Strasbourg recently. Here is one case my Amnesty lawyer won where the Swiss deported a single mother, while keeping her baby. Swiss federal court overruled Valais and she was allowed back. But she lost her child for 2 years. http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/swiss_steal_children

The whole state bureaucracy attacked our family. Even after they said it was a "big mistake" in May 2015, they kept harassing my partner, kept my house another month, and protected a guy we were state's witness against in an aggravated assault and robbery while he attacked us. He was jailed on obstruction 3 years later, for allegedly threatening this brother's four alleged rape victims, all under 20 years old, two under 17. He spent 3 months in jail, and is now out on bail pending trial. http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/cast-and-crew/legal/maitre-michael-aymon

So I say to the Swiss: admit what you did, and apologise. Pay my medical and legal bills. Investigate. Until such time, and so long as my torturers continue to summon me every Christmas, I will tell my story. The guy who ordered it all is Frederic Gisler, Doctor of Laws from University of Fribourg : http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/cast-and-crew/legal/public-prosecutor-procureur-frederic-gisler-lld-fribourg-university-doctor-of-laws

So now you know, there was zero evidence, nothing, nada. And they seized my house, clothes, business for 2-4 months; protected the perp they summoned us to be witness against. Pressured his victim who was hospitalised to retract his complaint. A perp with a criminal record for assaulting a police officer. Harassed my partner, summoned her on unrelated matters, then questioned her about my whereabouts, months after they said they would drop all charges. What do you say?

Now you know, I filed a lawsuit on November 3, 2015 for nine counts, violation of article 3, UN convention against torture, Eurpoean Convention against torture and Swiss federal law, what say you?

Here's the quote from my complaint : "Compensation shall also be paid because of unlawful acts committed by the police during his arrest and detention, or the violation of art. 3 CPP, art. 7 and 10 al. 3 of the Federal Constitution, art. 3 ECHR, of the United Nations Convention against torture as well as art. 7 and 10 of the Covenant II."

One last thing: The Swiss police tried to delete my friends "suicide text message" from my phone right in front of me. I locked the phone, demanded a lawyer; I got the phone back broken and despite repeated requests to ascertain if the message was recovered by the police, they refused to reply, until September 2015. IF that evidence was inconvenient, they planned to destroy it. But since they eventually dropped the charges, they put it in the file. At the time they said a message from my friend saying he took an overdose and tried to hang himself was "not relevant"

Copy of that message, on police letterhead is here : http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/sites/default/files/inline-images/oscar-suicide-msg_0.jpg

I have worked for the police, and I know quite a few people through that work: lawyers, intelligence operatives etc and they all say : after seeing that message, and my alibi from my girlfriend, that should have been the end of it.

Actually, when I lived in Paris, my neighbour was murdered and her apartment set on fire. Police came to interview me. I invited them in, we had coffee and they left. It turned out to be a family member, they got in a fight, he accidentally killed her, then set a fire to destroy evidence

So, please review the EVIDENCE I just presented, know my father was invited by a sitting US President on an official state visit, he assisted US in anti-narcotics and I also worked in that field.

SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 4, 2018, 1:12:35 PM

It appears that you somehow got on the bad side of some cop who tried to prove that you were guilty of murder. As a libertarian, I know that ALL governments are BY DEFINITION criminal and hence may potentially inflict great harm on individuals, but - as I said - Switzerland has one of the least evil governments on the planet, mostly because we still have direct democracy and a far smaller government than most other countries. Your anecdotal evidence is just that - you had an experience that is extremely uncommon. NOTHING in your case justifies your claim that Switzerland is "corrupt" or that Swiss people are "racist". You went from ONE personal bad experience to making a COLLECTIVE accusation that is absolutely despicable - despite the fact that your letter from Mr.Loretan proves that such abuses clearly are not acceptable under the Swiss system. I don't even know at what point "racism" is supposed to be an issue or why you would bring it up. Your attempt to use this anecdotal evidence against Switzerland and Swiss people, in general, is the ONLY "racist" part I see. You apparently fail to recognize that the entire concept of human rights was very largely developed by Swiss thinkers and that the Red Cross was created by a Swiss man, because Switzerland was probably the first modern country to develop both, an actual democracy and extensive rights for individuals. In the 16th century, German peasants demanded to have "the same rights as the Swiss". The first mention of Switzerland in a British document mentions "Switzerizing anarchists", because Switzerland had nothing that was recognizable as a government, as there really was no central government. So if you suffered an injustice at the hands of specific INDIVIDUALS in a canton police force, then accuse those individuals responsible for that specific abuse, but do NOT accuse all of Switzerland. Otherwise, you simply make your complaint appear fake and pointless. When you publish your story under the headline "Switzerland is corrupt blabla", you immediately lose almost all Swiss readers. It sounds like just another angry leftist. This kind of collectivist accusation NEVER works - and for good reason!

SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 4, 2018, 1:16:24 PM

@LucidLarrikin " he assisted US in anti-narcotics and I also worked in that field" So you actually worked for one of the most EVIL aspects of modern governments, the prohibition of random substances under the pretext that they are "harmful"! Wow. And yet, here you are complaining about Swiss police... Are you aware of what police do - in the US, in Australia and so many other countries - under the pretense of "morality"? The crimes committed by governments under the prohibition of drugs are the WORST one could possibly imagine. Also: totally POINTLESS, as they only achieve ONE result - to make drugs more profitable on the black market. How many people who were somehow involved with drugs got arrested, jailed etc. for something that should not even be illegal at all?

LucidLarrikin @LucidLarrikin May 4, 2018, 1:32:14 PM

@SMetzeler I did accuse them. Fabien Fontannaz and Frederic Gisler. Then the Swiss canton of Valais attacked my family. Protected a serial rapist and his brother to attack us. That's who the Swiss are : morally bankrupt


LucidLarrikin @LucidLarrikin May 4, 2018, 1:35:28 PM

@SMetzeler Disagree. I worked intel to jail a cartel who attempted to smuggle 250 million worth of drugs. Anti Money Laundering. It's what fascist and despotic dictators do to pay for their war crimes.


SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 4, 2018, 1:45:19 PM

@LucidLarrikin Because FUCKING RETARDS created an extremely lucrative business by making drugs illegal. Like with the alcohol prohibition in the US, remember? In 1920, there were 5% serious alcoholics. By the end of the prohibition, there were: - 15% alcoholics - massive and extremely wealthy organized criminal organizations that had penetrated the economy and the government, corrupting everything - the FBI and ATF which both had gained immense powers and did not want to give them up Hence they created NEW prohibitions on arbitrary "hard drugs".


SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 4, 2018, 1:46:39 PM edited

@LucidLarrikin ". That's who the Swiss are : morally bankrupt" AH FUCK OFF!!! YOU are morally bankrupt for even daring to say such shit! I already said so - even if everything you said was true, it would NOT support your idiotic collectivist accusation.

SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 4, 2018, 1:49:43 PM

@LucidLarrikin Here is another great and daring thing the Swiss did - go against this prohibition bullshit you supported by first running a test with the legal distribution of medically pure heroin and then approving the extension of the program to anyone who failed twice to kick the habit - through a referendum vote. Ever since heroin addicts can get their drug from pharmacies, medically pure, without any additives, there has not been a single case of overdose. Those taking heroin legally can actually hold jobs and are no longer prosecuted by police. They are physically healthy, as the experiment has shown that heroin causes no organic damage.

SMetzeler @SMetzeler May 4, 2018, 2:21:10 PM

I went through your web site some more and I think there's more than enough to prosecute you for SLANDER! "Bienvenue au Paradis : Si vous etes pedophile, tortureur, perver sexuel ou sadomaso vous allez simplement adorer la Suisse." Swiss people just recently voted to prohibit anyone who was convicted of pedophilia from EVER working with children again! The vote passed with a large majority. So you are FULL OF SHIT!!! "Surtout aller vite et inscrivez-vous pour devenir un agent de police, vous vous faire des amis très rapidement" I start seing why the cops didn't like you. You're a despicable, hateful moron. "Les Suisse sont les plus malveillant, raciste, xenophobe, cruel, saidist gens" This is called PROJECTION! Swiss people are the kindest, most friendly, most welcoming, least judgmental people you'll ever find, a FACT that is recognized by everyone and which is the reason why Switzerland is THE MOST DIVERSE COUNTRY ON THE PLANET. I chose to study at EPFL, because in the 1980s, they had 2000 students who were from 140 different countries. "racist", "xenophobe"? You really are retarded! If that were true, all those foreigners would never be living in Switzerland. In fact, 95% of my friends have always been non-Swiss and that never bothered me. Because I grew up as REAL SWISS PERSON, it was also extremely easy for me to work all over the globe, from Russia and India to the US and Latin America, among others. Unlike people like you who clearly are unable to communicate properly and can't learn foreign languages and adapt to foreign cultures, I actually learned 6 languages, of which I master 4 fluently. Which is fairly typical, for Swiss people. Because we are OPEN MINDED.

LucidLarrikin @LucidLarrikin May 4, 2018, 2:53:20 PM

@SMetzeler Great, prosecute me. I'm waiting. You filthy Swiss


LucidLarrikin @LucidLarrikin May 4, 2018, 2:55:16 PM

I am busy telling the TRUTH about how YOU SWISS treat NON SWISS in SWITZERLAND and I hope your family get treated like mine did you filthy racist apologist