Professor Pascal Pichonnaz

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Prof.Pascal Pichonnaz (Fribourg Uni)
Prof. Pascal Pichonnaz (Fribourg Uni)

What kind of people do Fribourg University train?

Professor Pascal Pichonnaz (@PPichonnaz #PascalPichonnaz) is a professor of law from Fribourg University ( #unifr) Law Faculty ( ) in Switzerland, currently visiting Georgetown University (@Georgetown #GeorgetownLaw #Georgetown), in Washington DC, United States of America.

I brought my torture and sexual abuse allegations to the attention of Professor Pascal Pichonnaz and the University of Fribourg via Twitter, however their only reaction has been to block me.

Neither party wants to know about police torture in Switzerland, torture carried out by a Doctor of Laws from the University of Fribourg, or allegations of sexual abuse while in the custody of Swiss police, orchestrated by one of their alumni Frederic Gisler (LL.D.).

Neither The University of Fribourg nor Professor Pascal Pichonnaz want to know about obstruction of justice, evidence tampering, concealment of evidence and attempted destruction of evidence in a case where both the Public Prosecutor (District Attorney) and defense council ARE BOTH FRIBOURG UNIVERSITY ALUMNI.

What kind of things do University of Fribourg teach, if a Doctor of Laws from their institution conceals and destroys evidence, and defense council plays along or just doesn't even notice, literally failing to object when they inform him they are destroying critical evidence in an ONGOING MURDER INVESTIGATION?

Professor Pascal Pichonnaz has an online profile at University of Fribourg.

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