Inspector Fabien Fontannaz

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Fabien Fontannaz
Inspector Fabien Fontannaz

Obstruction of Justice & Evidence Tampering
Sexual Humiliation of Detainees
Torture: Threats of Waterboarding

Inspector Fabien Fontannaz is a policeman working for the "police judiciaire" - allegedly highly trained detectives who discharge their duties under the direction of a magistrate or "procureur" in French.

When I showed Inspector Fabien Fontannaz a copy of Oscar De Llano's suicide note, which Oscar had sent to my mobile phone as a text message (SMS), he first said it "wasn't important"; then he tried to delete it; when I locked the phone he seized it under the direction of a magistrate, Procureur Frederic Gisler, and he continued his "murder" investigation totally ignoring that critical piece of evidence : a suicide note.

That's called Evidence Tampering and I'm pretty sure it's also classified as "obstruction of justice".

Fabien Fontannaz used the "absence" of a suicide note as a pretext to arrest me, interrogate me using enhanced interrogation techniques (aka torture) which the Swiss police actually call "forcing", and subject me to sexual humiliation.

You see, if it wasn't a suicide, it was obviously a sadomasochistic sex game gone wrong. Fabien Fontannaz was able to tell me about some pretty graphic stuff he had found. Films allegedly made in my attic, of hordes of gay men taking part in homosexual sadomasochistic sex orgies; he made my attic sound like a dungeon fully equipped with whips, chains and torture aparatus for these hordes of gay men to "pleasure" themselves and eachother.

The only problem is, there were no such sex tapes. They never existed. So, everything Fabien Fontannaz described came from his own sick homoerotic fantasies.

Inspector Fabien Fontannaz fantasises about huge homsexual sadomasochistic sex orgies in a dungeon torturing other men, and projected his depraved fantasies onto me.

Which could explain why he insisted on stripping me naked at the police station in a room full of people, personally inspecting my cock, and gawking while the coroner took painful samples from the end of my penis, and his police photographer took plenty of happy snaps.

Inspector Fabien Fontannaz is probably jerking off right now, while watching film or photos of suspects he sexually humiliated during "interrogation".

All in a days work for the Swiss Keystone Kops!

Here is a screenshot of the Police Judiciaire du Valais:

PoliceJudiciaire du Valais

Let me tell you these guys are totally incompetent!

Click here to read about the kind of utterly ridiculous questions their technical experts repeatedly posed me, like some kind of sadistic Inspector Clouseau. Things like the password to a Raspberry Pi; hint: it's a single board computer that runs off a memory card. You can plug that memory card into any computer and read it; you can reset the administrator or root password that way.

The Police Judiciaire didn't seem to grasp that concept, or the fact they only had to push a button to reset the password to my NAS.

No, they spent hours exchanging endless streams of emails with me via my lawyer repeatedly demanding those passwords.

Nor did they understand DHCP they accused me of being "uncooperative" because I wouldn't tell them the IP address of my NAS servers. They used DHCP, and here is a clue, the D in DHCP stands for DYNAMIC; they get a new IP address every time they are switched on. But they have a "name" assigned using Apple Bonjour protocol, also referred to as mDNS.

Imagine having such utter IT rejects handling your sensitive hardware. No wonder they broke my mobile and a laptop.

Utter imbeciles. Looking for clues in a murder investigation.

May as well give a Rubik's Cube to a blind man. He'd have better odds.