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Submitted by admin on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 01:51

Long before I had this website I started documenting my struggle for justice on Facebook.

I did it initially as a way of having some kind of proof that events occurred in the way I say they did, because not everything is immediately documented nor provable.

So the Swiss police think it's fun to play with my cock and balls, in a room full of people, take painful penile skin samples by force, film all the action on CCTV and of course take many photos with a digital SLR?

Great for you guys. I hear you're looking to restore your access to Libyan oil?

Now remember, the guys in charge out there, are the enemies of your former ally Gaddafi.
So you are sorta their enemy, too.

Not only that, when they find out your police rape 7 year old boys, and only get a slap on the wrist;
PLUS the fact that Swiss police get into stuff straight outta Abu Ghraib;
some people out there may go fucking ISIS on you and cut your heads off without uttering syllable.

Just a thought I had.

Why don't you go and find out how my publicity campaign is coming along?
I've been putting that policeman paedophile story up on every middle eastern embassy website I can think of.
And I told them you're coming...


So, yeah, this is a WAR because the Swiss had 12 months to fix it

The Swiss could have decided to apologise and drop it.

Instead they came after my family; our child

Did you expect me to just give up?

Jesus Christ you bloody sadists, I want you to suffer now.

Really I had better things to do with my life; I was playing with my daughter, starting a business, finishing my MBA...

And you came along, you filthy racists, and just decided you'd mess my life up because you derive sexual gratification from hurting people?

You mask is not only going to slip but fall right off

When people fully understand what you've been up to

You won't be safe anywhere outside your own filthy country

And you'll need those famous bunkers of yours,

because a great many people may seek to come and harm you,

and those people may feel righteous in attacking you